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Who wants to play Animal Crossing New Leaf? I can bring presents. c:

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Villager Giveaway!


I currently have Maple, Peanut, Canberra, Rodney, Cousteau, Cranston and Baabara up for grabs in my second town. Send me an ask if you’d like to reserve any of them. They’re all free! (Although most have different shirts from their original, and their houses might not be 100%)

I’ll post more urgently when one asks to move out; I’m just trying to make space at the moment, but I don’t really want to void any of them.

I would LOVE to adopt Peanut!

Oh Fauna!

I’ve been searching for Fauna for forever, I don’t really get into all of the dreamies but she’s my only one I really really want.  Unfortunately she’s alot of other peoples dreamy as well and they have the means to trade alot more than I would be able to :/  So for now she’s just a dream